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4 Simple Ways to Boost Content & Link Building Efforts

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Victor smushkevich

Victor is a Google certified partner and has over 10 years experience in SEO, PPC and Lead Generation. Victor has managed over 30+ million in online advertising and has generated 100's of millions for his clients. Victor says at the forefront of the SEO industry and he brings these cutting strategies to his marketing campaigns.

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    Search Engine Optimization is an exciting and evolving field in the digital marketing universe. When done correctly, the method can yield some high-quality results, which can be rewarding for the implementing business. However, one thing that most SEOs overlook is going back to the basics and fine-tuning their fundamentals.These are those technical things that are the basic building blocks of any SEO strategy. While it is important to focus on the latest and greatest SEO strategies being churned out by experts across the Internet, these basics can undermine your SEO efforts if left unattended. To help you get back to the basics, here are four simple ways you can boost your content and link building efforts.

    1. Link Maintenance

    Linking out to excellent quality websites is a fantastic way to build the pagerank of your website. Getting solid inbound links is also a great strategy. However, as is the nature of the Internet, websites get shut down, others get sold off, while yet others turn into bad apples.If you operate a website with a substantial number of inbound and outbound links, performing link maintenance at least once a year can help weed out dead links as well as links that no longer add value to your website.Doing this is easy and should not take any more than a few hours. Using a tool like Screaming Frog, perform a link analysis and then go in there and update/delete/change all affected links.

    2. Meta Content Updates

    You put in a lot of effort keeping your web pages fresh and relevant. You update the content to reflect the latest developments and as a result, your pages rank well. One thing you may have neglected to update is your meta content. Meta titles and meta descriptions tend to be forgotten when the rest of the page is updated.This can hurt both the ranking of your page and the overall user experience. Search engines also update their meta content guidelines from time to time, as in the case of Google increasing meta description character count from 160 to 320. To keep your meta descriptions fresh and relevant, review them from time to time and update accordingly.

    3. Mobile Readiness

    For desktop use, mobile readiness is not a ranking factor. It is, however, a ranking factor for mobile searches. Google has in fact created two separate indices for mobile and desktop search. That means your website could be ranking in desktop searches but not in mobile searches.To rank on both indices, Google has been pushing for responsive website design. This helps provide a seamless experience for visitors across devices. To see if your website meets Google’s responsiveness guidelines, test your website using the Google Mobile Responsive Test, which will grade your website on a few mobile usability factors like page load time, graphic sizes, etc.

    4. Internal Links

    Like outbound and inbound links, search engines expect your internal links to point to relevant and updates pages. This can be a problem if your website evolves often, as in the case of an e-commerce website or news website. When this happens, internal links can get broken or point to irrelevant pages.To avoid search engines penalizing your website for this, perform an internal link audit and update/delete links that no longer provide value. The audit will also tell you how well your past efforts have worked in creating a cohesive mesh of information for users visiting your site.


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