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8 SEO Tips for Web Designers

As a web designer, you doubtless spend a lot of time staying abreast of technical design standards. This is important if you want your website to work well on modern browsers. However, there is another area you must familiarize yourself with, which is equally important to the success of the websites your build. This is […]

4 Simple Ways to Boost Content & Link Building Efforts

Search Engine Optimization is an exciting and evolving field in the digital marketing universe. When done correctly, the method can yield some high-quality results, which can be rewarding for the implementing business. However, one thing that most SEOs overlook is going back to the basics and fine-tuning their fundamentals. These are those technical things that […]

Google Updates From 2002-2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

It seems like once Google started rolling out SEO updates, there hasn’t been much time for SEO specialists to sit back with their hands folded. And so at Smart Street Media we decided to simplify and visualize these updates for the SEO enthusiast.   The first documented update was in fall of 2002 and is […]

6 Statistics That Will Help Your Local SEO Strategy

Improve your local SEO efforts when equipped with these statistics Local businesses cannot rely upon the word of mouth to carry their reputation. Where this methodology may have worked before the age of social and mobile media, integration with search engines is a must. As such local businesses should understand that their SERP results will […]

How To Determine Your ROI On Your SEO

The fundamentals for gauging the effectiveness of your Search Engine Optimization SEO is the standardized way in which web pages fight to gain the top rating in Google and other search engines. Yet, there is little in the way of determining which sector of the SEO strategies yield the best ROI. This has led to […]

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