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Our CEO is Victor Smushkevich, and he is a world-class SEO expert that has been an established Las Vegas SEO agency since 2008. Believe it or not, he has ranked on the first page of Google for 40, 000 keywords!

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Victor has certifications in all of the following: Adwords, Google Shopping, Google Video Advertising, Google Analytics, and Google Mobile Advertising, and is a certified Google partner. One aspect that anyone interested in SEO should look for is an actual track record, and that’s where Smart Street Media truly excels. The beauty of SEO, over PPC, for example, is that search engine optimization often means a higher return on investment, because SEO often doesn’t require expensive campaigns to produce results.

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SmartStreetMedia has excellent relationships with editors in world-renowned publications, which is why our clients have been featured on all sorts of publications, such as,,,, and more.

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You can hire any self-professed SEO expert, or you can choose a true world-class SEO professional that truly understands the field, and has been successful for a decade. Contact us today, and let us show you how we can make sure that you grow exponentially!

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Do you have a business that isn’t performing as well as it should or can be? Does your company have a website that isn’t ranked well on various search engines? If so, you’re probably losing business to at least some of your competitors. In this day in age, most marketing and business growth happen online. Statistically, about 97 percent of individuals begin looking for a product or service look online before going through with the purchase or method of contact to a business. This means that if you don’t have a website that is running properly or to a high standard, a very large majority of your potential business is being lost. Additionally, it is important to know that over 92 percent of these users will pick companies that appear on the first page of these search engine results. So, even if you are online and have a website, you may be losing a significant number of customers to competition that ranks higher than you.

There is an easy solution to this, and it’s called SEO. SEO is otherwise known as search engine optimization, and it determines how high your website and company appear in search results. To complete search engine optimization, there is a series of steps to follow to guarantee your ranking will increase over time, ultimately drawing more business to your company.

Search engine optimization can be a lengthy, difficult process, especially if you are unfamiliar with the themes and significant factors that go into SEO. Smart Street Media, the highest ranked search engine optimization company in Las Vegas for eleven years in a row, can help you through the process. With us, you can put all of your time and focus into the running of the business and let us handle the promotion and online marketing optimization of you.

What Exactly is SEO?

SEO in Las Vegas, as mentioned above, stands for search engine optimization and determines how well your website ranks and appears through various forms of search engines. This form of optimization increases the amount of natural and organic results, compared to paid results. Paid results are considered PPC, or pay per click, models. Organic  SEO is seen as more beneficial as PPC optimization, as general search engine optimization is a free way to increase traffic to your brand, while PPC costs you money depending on the number of people you attract. While search engine optimization takes a long time to realize results, these results can often be long lasting and draw significantly more attention than pay per click can.

The science behind search engine optimization is quite complicated but can be simple to comprehend once you get a general understanding of what it is and how it functions. Search engines utilize formulas and features, compiled in what is called an algorithm, to determine which sites are worthier of a higher ranking. These rankings are ordered from most reliable and optimized to least worthy and unoptimized. Let’s go through the various significant aspects your website should contain to be as best optimized as possible.

Words Used in Las Vegas SEO

Using certain popular search words throughout your website can give your company’s website a higher chance of getting ranked above some of your competitors. Search engines immediately narrow web results down based on the exact words used by those searching for a business or product. For example, if someone were to type “Best Ways to Implement SEO” into a search engine, the top results to show will most likely contain that series of words either directly in the title or within the text. Using the most frequently searched words that pertain to your company can greatly increase your results. If you don’t know the best words to use, we at Smart Street Media do and can help you apply these throughout your website.

Las Vegas SEO – Links used for SEO

The use of links throughout articles or sections of your website can increase the chance of becoming noticed by a group or larger audience. When search engines see that you have used links leading to popular websites with information relating to your business, they’ll find you more reliable and take it as a genuine interest in helping the customer. Similarly, if your website links are located on other websites and point to your company being great, search engines will take this into account. It shows them that you have reliable information that people recommend. The more “recommendations” you have, the better a chance you have at your business succeeding in search rankings. Smart Street Media can help reach out to relevant pages and companies and get your website promoted across their venues.

Las Vegas SEO – SEO Titles

Titles, like a book, tell readers exactly what the website is going to be about. The more descriptive and explicitly detailed your title is, the more your readers will understand what your article theme and topic are about. Not only do titles help and benefit your potential customers, but they also help search engines track and provide the best results to those who search for similar subjects in the search bar. Title names are a significant aspect of search engine optimization, as it determines what the search engine thinks your webpage is going to be about. Titles are usually embedded within URL links and therefore help rank websites by topic. If you’re struggling to decide great title names for your website, Smart Street Media can determine the most commonly searched topics related to your company’s products.

Las Vegas SEO – Amount of Activity used for Ranking in SEO

The amount of activity that you have on your website can help rank your website higher across various search engines. The more you post or update your material, the better your page and company name will appear. This is because both people and search engines see well-updated websites as always having relevant and accurate information. Search engines also tend to rank more active websites higher in search rankings because it shows that your website may give you larger business soon. Quick growing businesses are promoted more on search engines, as it proves that a large group or population of individuals are highly intrigued by your company. Having a hard time regularly posting content for your website? Smart Street Media can help you analyze your analytics to determine the best schedule for posting based upon your typical customer’s activity.

Las Vegas SEO – All Aspects of an SEO Algorithm

There are plenty of different aspects that go into a search engine ranking that are different from those listed above. All of these factors are taken into consideration by the most significant search engines to ensure their users are receiving the most relevant search engine results possible. With a growing company website, it is important to include as many as these factors as possible to get the most acknowledgement and growth available. The best way to accomplish the highest quality of search engine optimization is by allowing an external, unbiased source to help. Smart Street Media is a great company that can provide you with excellent search engine optimization to increase your business significantly over time. Let Smart Street Media help you out with any search engine optimization you may need.

 Las Vegas SEO – SEO is Good For?

Search engine optimization is great for all kinds of people with various kinds of websites. Every business can benefit significantly with the use of any kind of search engine optimization. If you have a website that isn’t doing as well as you’d hope it would, or if you are just starting out organizing your new and up-and-coming website, search engine optimization could greatly help you. There are plenty of reasons why you and your company can greatly profit and have an advantage over the competition. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that SEO experts in Las Vegas can help your business below.

Las Vegas SEO – Greater Traffic for your Web Page SEO

When you have a company, the best way to generate business is by having customers visit your website to become familiar with what your company is offering. The only way to do this efficiently is by increasing the ranking across multiple search engines. Search engine optimization is known to generate a higher listing position after users search related topics to your company into their search bar. Based on statistics alone, if you are not on the first page of a website’s search results, you have already potentially lost over 92 percent of customers Only about 7 people go past the first page to look for a webpage containing what they’re looking for. This means that for greater acknowledgement and rankings on search engines, you must partake in search engine optimization. Smart Street Media specializes in first-page listing and words and have over 50,000 keywords on first-page search engine results. Let us at Smart Street Media help you optimize your website to the best of its ability.

SEO Las Vegas –  Ease of Navigation

Search Engine Optimization is not only about the content of your website. It relates to how efficient your website runs. People tend to avoid websites that are poorly designed or operate slowly, so you must ensure your website can handle a large level of traffic appropriately. One important thing to keep in mind is how it takes the human mind less than seven seconds to form a strong first impression. We’re taught that first impressions are key to having a high level of influence over your customer. If their first thought is that your website is difficult to navigate, confusing, unappealing, or if they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, you are likely to lose business. When you have people stay on your website for a short period of time, it negatively affects your bounce rate. Bounce rate has to do with the amount of time people spend on your website, and it affects how high your website ranks across search engines. If you believe your website may be struggling with navigational issues, Smart Street Media has plenty of ways to optimize both your content and web design ease of use.

Las Vegas SEO – Increase Brand Awareness

The more people that are familiar with your company, the higher the amount of business you’ll receive. This is due to a domino effect of rankings. The higher you rank on search engine results, the more people will see your name. The more that people and potential customer see your company’s name, the more likely they are to look into what you have to offer. If you then have a great, easily navigable website with unique content, they are likely to spread your name. This starts the cycle over again. To have the best brand awareness, you must first start with search engine optimization. The best way to naturally and organically increase your business is by following all of the aspects of SEO properly and effectively. Smart Street Media can help you optimize your website and lead you to a great increase in customer base and brand awareness.

Las Vegas SEO – Improve Customer Interaction

Customer interaction and customer service is a significant and important aspect of running a business properly and effectively. The better your business ranks among your competitors, the more people will come to you for advice, questions, concerns, or purchasing your products and services. This allows you to prove to them that you have a greater sense of customer interaction. If you have a uniquely personalized customer service base, you’ll be able to show this off more with more awareness. Customers love companies that are highly interactive and personalized, and therefore, this will help you increase your business even more. Once your website is optimized and your customer base catches air, you’ll become recognized as a company with excellent customer service and interaction. Smart Street Media is here to help you get to the top of search engine results and allow you to have this great opportunity.

Las Vegas SEO – Use Las Vegas SEO Today

As you can tell from the above reasons to optimize your website, you should do everything possible to fit your website into search engine optimized criteria today. This is especially important and significant if you realize your business’s website is not running up to its full potential. Once you begin to follow Las Vegas SEO specialist standards, you’ll notice a gradual boom in sales, brand awareness, and customer base. This is because it organically increases the number of people who visit and have access to your website, allowing a natural formation of awareness. If you are not familiar with the process of optimizing your website for search engines, Smart Street Media is the number one Las Vegas SEO company on the market and has been since 2008. We can help your business and company’s website get to where it deserves to be today.

Upcoming Important Las Vegas SEO Factors of 2019

As the year’s progress, the internet becomes a more significant way that people and users look for information. Because of this, analytics are constantly changing, and certain features become more significant and important than others do. In 2019, many new aspects are becoming an important feature of search engine optimization. Search engines are beginning to take note and alter their algorithms to cater to better and newer websites. Search engine optimization algorithms are constantly changing, so keeping up with what’s important and what factors they look for is a great way to stay in the lead ahead of your competitors. To fit into the current search optimization standards, there are new key aspects to look out for. Let’s go through some of the growing features and important aspects below.

Las Vegas SEO – Mobile Indexing SEO

In today’s day in age, it is important to stay up to date with current technologies. Google, the world’s largest search engine, is realizing this. In the world, many people do search engine searches on their mobile device. Because of this, Google has begun prioritizing mobile websites and webpages across its search rankings. This means that if you have a website that has a mobile version of their site available will get ranked higher and before websites that don’t have a mobile site. This is done to optimize the way that users view a company’s webpage over their mobile device or cell phone. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, now is the time to get in the game. Any mobile website account will work as long as it successfully runs as a mobile website on mobile devices. This mobile-first index can help your business significantly if you’re one of the first in your niche to implement mobile compatible websites. Don’t fall behind in the search engine optimization game today by creating a mobile version of your website.

Las Vegas SEO – Page Loading Speed SEO

If you’ve ever sat on a webpage that wasn’t loading for a certain amount of time, you know the feeling of impatience that runs over you. 2019 is the age of immediate information. This means that people have gotten so used to getting the information they need extremely fast and at the tip of their fingers. When page loading speed is low and slow, the likeliness that potential customers will stay on your page and wait for your information is highly doubtful. Google has even begun to send notifications to websites which have slow loading pages that can cause problems for various users. This allows you to understand how significant load time ranks in terms of how high your website is on search engine rankings. To ensure your website has optimal loading time, Smart Street Media in Las Vegas can help. We have plenty of diagnostic tools available to us to determine how fast or slow your website is operating. From there, we can help you and your business develop the best plan to increase how you’re your site operates. Let us here at Smart Street Media help your company reach the top of search engine result lists.

Las Vegas SEO – Brand Ranking SEO

How your company operates and interacts with customers, as well as its reputation in your specific niche, greatly affects how your business is ranked among your competitors in search engine results. To ensure your brand ranking is high, the use of unlinked brand mentions and linked advertising that draws people from one website to yours significantly help your business. This shows search engines that your information is highly reliable and recommended by various people. Catering to the reputation your brand has is also a great way to improve your ranking. Being aware of what your customers enjoy and don’t enjoy about your brand, company, and website are acknowledged as well. One great way to begin to realize and identify where your brand ranks, check out your competitor’s website(s) and reverse engineer their strategies. Deeply analyzing their features and factors used can help you determine how to outrun your competitors. Smart Street Media can help increase your brand ranking and awareness over time while working with us.

Online Marketplace Rankings Las Vegas SEO

Typically, when you begin to sell items on your website, it is important to market them appropriately. Businesses do not often first think about online marketplaces as a search engine, which is technically not. Today in age, though, marketplaces like Amazon are using similar strategies as search engines to rank products. Studies show that majority, about 60 percent to be specific, of customers and consumers first visit Amazon when they have items that they’re interested in purchasing in mind. Alternatively, when consumers are unsure of what they’re looking for, 51 percent begin with an Amazon marketplace search. This shows that if your products are not listed on Amazon, you are greatly losing business to your competitors. If you are a business or company that sells various different consumer-based products, including but not limited to books, electronics, and music, you should implement marketplace optimization into your search engine optimization strategy. If you’re struggling to understand how to optimize your website along with a marketplace’s optimization, Smart Street Media can help so you can spend your time and energy on what matters – running the company.

2019 SEO Factors For Las Vegas Websites

As you’ve read through above, staying aware of up and coming factors that directly relate to search engine optimization and your website’s ranking across different search engines. Analytics and search engine optimization factors are significantly changing now that the majority of the world is operating strictly off of internet information usage. The better you do with implementing all of these factors above, the higher your company can rank across search engine sites. If you are having trouble performing these and correcting any issues on your own, it’s always helpful to contact an outside search engine company like Smart Street Media. At Smart Street Media, we can help businesses just like yours get the highest possible ranking in a search engine search. We have plenty of amazing results and have been rated number one in Las Vegas for eleven years in a row, since 2008. This shows we’re capable of changing based on the alteration of analytics and algorithms over time. Smart Street Media should be your first stop to perfect search engine optimization of your website today.

Can You Complete Search Engine Optimization On Your Own?

If your website or company is struggling due to lack of business or losing business to other top competitors, you may be in great need of search engine optimization. Everyone and every website can benefit from search engine optimization, as it does no harm and can only help. While it is possible to optimize your business by yourself successfully, it may be difficult to juggle this task along with the need to run your own company. Search engine optimization requires extensive knowledge of how search engines run analytics and what their algorithms include. Those who run businesses are often unfamiliar with this process, while it can help significantly. To greatly impact how your business runs, it may be best to hire an outside company to optimize your website for top search engine results properly. Smart Street Media is the number one optimization company in Las Vegas and should, therefore, be your top choice of optimization company. If it’s great results and increased business you’re looking for, Smart Street Media is the best choice for you.

Las Vegas SEO – Review of Best SEO Tips to Follow

For anyone partaking in search engine optimization, there are plenty of key tips and aspects to follow. These can greatly affect how your business ranks compared to other competing companies that are selling the same product or offering the same service as you. It is important you include as many of these features as possible to rank higher and beat the competition. Let’s go through some significant aspects that should be included within your website to have the highest search ranking possible.

Las Vegas SEO – Remove Anything Slowing Down Your Website through SEO

Nobody likes a slow website! Having a slow running website can negatively impact your bounce rate. Bounce rate involves the amount of time that consumers spend on your website. The lower the time, the worse your ranking. Since time is valuable, people do not wish to spend additional time waiting for your website to load. For higher search rankings across various search engines, remove any features that may be significantly slowing down the operation speed of your website.

Las Vegas SEO – Consistently Publish Unique Content

The more articles and content you post or update on your website, the higher your ranking will be. This is because it will make your website be viewed as more reliable by search engines. The more information you post consistently, the better ranking you’ll have. If you publish more and accurate material, your company will likely be seen a more reliable to both consumers and search engines.

Get Trustworthy Sites to Link to Your Website in help of SEO Las Vegas

Reliability is an important aspect of having a productive website. The more reliable your website is, the more trustworthy people will see it. To build reliable and rapport, having more well-known sites related to your content link to your website can show search engines that you are a great source of information. This is a significant aspect of how to improve your overall search engine results and can do so effectively and almost immediately. Smart Street Media has connections that have gotten websites featured on big named sites like and With our help and connections, your business can boom.

Las Vegas SEO – Avoid Duplicated Content

If your website has information taken from a different site or another webpage of your own, search engines may decrease your search engine ranking. This is because duplicate content poses difficulty for the distinguishability between which website is more valuable and relatable to the user. Having more than one piece of similar content can confuse search engines and lead to issues within your ranking. To have the highest search engine ranking possible, avoid the use of duplicate content. Make sure everything posted to your website is unique and uncopied, as doing so can harm the way your site rates compared to your competitors. If you’re having trouble creating unique content, Smart Street Media can help. Our experts here are trained in content creation and can greatly help you create a schedule and types of content to upload that are similar to your niche. This way, you’ll always be safe from a diminishing ranking due to duplicated content. Smart Street Media is the perfect company to work with when trying to optimize your website and create consistently unique content fully.

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If reading this has helped you solidify the knowledge that optimizing your website for search engine Las Vegas ranking benefits, you’ve come to the right place. Las Vegas Smart Street Media has been in business for over eleven years, since 2008, and has received the notion as the top search engine optimization company in Las Vegas for all eleven years in a row. Regardless of what kind of search engine optimization help or assistance you need, we have you covered.

In the past, SEO Las Vegas Experts  have worked with top online companies and gotten these sites recognized across popular blogs and webpages. If you want the chance of getting featured on,,,, or other well-known blog sites you need to be an SEO, we can get you there by the help of SEO Las Vegas. We also have over 50,000 keywords on the first page of Google searches and can ensure you will get the best ranking possible.

Our Las Vegas SEO specialist personnel and business are both Bing and Google partners, and therefore, we are familiar with everything these two top search engines are looking for from their web content. Smart Street Mobile understands the algorithms and consistently pays attention to alterations in the algorithms, ultimately ensuring your website is always at the top of its game.

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Las Vegas SEO We look forward to working with you and helping your company increase your search rankings with search engine optimization today!

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SmartStreetMedia helped us grow our organic presence from scratch. When we started, we were getting less than 100 organic visitors every month. Now we’re getting over 4,000+ unique visitors every month and 30% of our online sales come from SEO. I couldn’t be happier with our results!

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