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Our CEO is Victor Smushkevich, who is a world-class SEO expert, and head of Smart Street Media, which has been established in San Diego for a decade now.  He has ranked on the first page of Google over 40,000 times, a feat that many SEO experts cannot claim or even come close to claiming.


Victor is not only  a certified Google Partner, but he also has certifications in all of the following areas: Google Shopping, Adwords, Google Video Advertising, Google Analytics, and Google Mobile Advertising.  However, Smart Street Media’s expertise isn’t proven by certifications, but by concrete results.  They have a proven track record when it comes to increasing exposure and clients for companies.  The beauty of SEO is that a little of money can go a long way, especially when compared to PPC campaigns.


We’ve developed a large network of editors at world-renowned publications, which is why our clients have been featured on all sorts of publications, such as,,,, and many other niche relevant websites.  This kind of network proves invaluable to our clients, as these include some of the most important websites when it comes to worldwide business exposure.


There are plenty people who claim to truly know SEO, but there aren’t many world-class SEO professionals that can produce the kind of results that Street Smart Media can.  Contact us today, to find out how you can grow your company and increase your organic traffic!

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